The College Library is the centre and heart of an academic institution. It is the treasure of knowledge and citadel of learning. A library is truly a mirror of the spirit of dedicated study and aspiration for knowledge. The Library contains books, magazine and periodicals arranged in sections and sub-sections. The staff and the students of the College may use the Library.

The following are some of the General Library rules formed for guidance and information.

General Information :

1. The library is opened for a certain period of time in each working day as decided by the Principal from time to time. It remains closed on Sundays and authorized holidays. Even if sometimes the library is opened, the normal work of issuing and returning of books cannot be held if the library staff are engaged for office work of the library.

2. Only the staff, students, other qualified persons as the occasion permits may be admitted into the Library premise. They should maintain silence as far as possible and should not go directly except the staff beyond the counter. A person even if otherwise qualified for admission into the Library shall not be admitted into its premises if he / she is not of sound mind.

Rules common to all borrowers :

3. The library books will be issued to the students on the day only alloted for each class. if the same day is holi day then their cases may be considered in the next working day after the issuing hour,i.e after 3.00 P.M.

4. No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the Librarian and until it has been properly issued. Properly issued means it must be entered in the issuing Register and signed by the borrower.

5. Each borrower must examine the condition of the books before they are issued to him/her. He/She must inform the Librarian then and there of any defect of the books. Otherwise, in case of mutilation found later, the presumption will go against him/her.

6. Books should be kept for a specific period allowed to a borrower. It must be immediately returned to the library if it is requisitioned from the librarian.

7. Any body in possession of library book shall return them to the library whenever he/she receives a requisition notice for the return of the book from the Librarian.

8. Books taken out of the library must be returned to the Librarian or in-charge and to nobody else. On no account it should be transferred to any other person.

9. No borrowers are allowed to make marginal notes marking in library books. Not are they allowed to remove any picture or page or tear or otherwise disfigure it, in such cases the borrower may be penalized.

10. If any borrower loses, seriously damages or defaces a book, he/she has to replace it by another similar book. In case he/she cannot replace it, he/she has to pay ten times the value of the book and if it is one of the volumes of a set or series and that volume cannot be obtained single, then he has to pay the price of the whole set. If the book is not available in the market, the, borrower may have either to pay the ten times cost of the catalogue price or any fixed amount whichever is applicable as decides by the Principal.

11. The maximum number of books that can be issued to various types of borrowers are as follows :-

(i) Teaching staff (Honours teaching faculty) - 15

(ii) Demonstrators, Lab. Assts., PET, Librarian - 05

(iii) Ministerial staff (only story books) - 04

(iv) Students - (Hons.) - - 06

12. A teaching staff is not allowed to borrow books on the subject in which he/she is not a teacher. Reference books are not ordinarily issued to the students. Those are only issued to the concerned lecturers.

13. If any borrower keeps a library book for more than the stipulated period, no further books will be issued to him/her until the concerned book is restored to the Library. The cases may arise when he/she may even be denied the privilege of using the Library.

14.The Library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting the periodicals of the library.

15. Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the library and laying one's legs on the library furniture in a way of relaxing objectionably is strictly prohibited.

16. As the library is the store house of knowledge, it is the prestige and glory of academic institution. It is supposed to be the most sensitive and civil place. It must be properly respected by one and all. So, everybody, the borrowers, the library staff or any other authorized person happens to be inside the Library are supposed to be polite and civil in their behaviour. So, in cases of incivility and disregard in any form the staff or others should immediately be reported to the Principal and will seriously be dealt with.

17. Books of rare copy, reserved copy, maps, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, courses of studies, council and university questions, current issues periodicals are not issued for the use at home without the permission of the Principal. These may be issued to students if possible, for use in the Reading room only for a very short time on the production of their identity cards. The staff may see it during the library hours.

18. Every book added to the library whether by purchase or otherwise by any other source shall be enlisted in a catalogue under its proper head by the Librarian

19. Every book of the library bears the seal and a number. So if any new book is acquired by purchase or any other means cannot be issued under any circumstances to anyone until they are stamped and numbered and entered into the Stock Register. Only the books which are stamped and numbered can be issued to the borrowers.

20. Towards the close of each academic year all the books are made to be physical and stock verification, so that the library may be compared with the catalogues, losses may be detected and replaced and binding or other repairs to be done. So all books belonging to the library and in the possession of the borrowers should be returned to the library before the College closes for the Summer Vacation and on or before the date notified to them for the purpose.

21. Library books are issued to the bonafide students on the notified dates for respective classes. On the prescribed date and time they have to give slips in writing three books on it in order of preference and submit it to the library. After some time during the issuing hours the book, if available, will be issued to them on production of their identity cards and library cards. The students while coming for this purpose must stand in a queue before the counter and maintain discipline.

22. Library books issued to the students are entered in their library cards. So in case of loss of such card a duplicate may be issued on payment of necessary fee and with permission of the Principal.

23. As library books are allowed to borrowers for a certain period, so in case of students who do not return library books within the stipulated time allowed, a certain fine as decided is levied for each day of delay in returning. the book. The fines are realized at the time of deposit of monthly tuition fees.

24. As library books can neither be issued nor be returned without library cards, so the students must come with their library cards to the library.

25. Those who use the library are supposed to have read the library rules and abide by them. Ignorance of the rules is not considered as an excuse for violating them.

26. The students while taking C.L.C. at the time of leaving the Institution or taking any important document or refunding caution money are required to take library clearance certificate from the Librarian. Similarly in case of the staff leaving the institution by transfer or leaving in any form, have to obtain a library clearance certificate from the librarian.

27. The books will not be issued beyond the quota allotted except urgent cases considered by the Principal.

28. All those who may happen to be inside the library or its adjacent area are expected to observe complete silence. The librarian has been instructed that rules of library are strictly observed and to report to the Principal regarding any wilful breach of the rules. The teaching staff are also expected to use their influence to promote the observance of these rules whenever they are in the library and to report to the Principal the cases of deliberate disobedience and misbehaviour

29. The books should be placed in the proper position soon after the return of books and the index card must be placed forthwith.

30. The librarian is to submit a report every month in the following points:

(a) Cataloguing of new books

(b) Binding of torn out books

(c) Binding of journals and magazines

(d) Procurement of new journals and magazines

(e) Annual stock taking report (in the month of April)

(f) Payment of books and journals in time

(g) Difficulties if any.

Special or Additional Library Rules for Students:

31. The students of +3 6th Semester will not be allowed to fill up their forms for appearing at the University Examinations unless they get the library clearance by returning their books.