Application for admission to the B. B. College Hostel duly filled in and signed by the father/guardian will be made to the Principal separately after admission into the College in the prescribed application form (application form can be had from the office of the Superintendent) The old boarders should also apply in the last week of May for consideration of their continuance in the hostel for the next academic session. The selection for admission to the B.B. College Hostel is to be made by the admission committee for different classes according to merit and good conduct. Admission to the hostel will be strictly provisional and will be valid for one academic session only. The selection of the old boarders will be determined in accordance with their performance in their last annual examination and good conduct. The Superintendent will allot a seat in the room and no claim of allotment of seat in any specific room will be entertained. The Principal is the final authority in respect of admission of boarders in the hostel and reserves the right of changing any rules as he deems fit.

The Superintendent will nominate a panel of Boarders on the basis of merit-cum-good conduct to hold Annual Function and other activities subject to the approval of the Principal.

The College possesses a beautiful library with a handsome collection of books, periodicals and audio cassettes. The library re­mains open from 10.30A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on all working days. There are more than six thousand titles at present over and above the periodicals. The special feature of the library are its collection on Indian Culture, regular purchase of 39 periodicals and journals and a small audio system with audio cassettes on different rare topics. These however do not including the newspapers.

The Reading Room:
The Reading Room i s attached to the library with a seating arrangement for 50 students. It usually opens from 2 P.M. onwards.

Readers' Forum:
There is provision of a Readers' Forum in the College which functions on the Reading Room premises. Here the students contribute every month for the purchase of certain journals and periodicals of their choice. The opening hours are decided according to the convenience of the members of the Forum & the College.

Journals and Periodicals:
The library is proud of its journals and periodical collections. The College subscribes to 39 titles regularly. There are presently more than 2000 copies to the credit of the Library. The staff members and students are allowed to use them inside the Library only. The old issues are, however, issued outside on special session of the officer l/C, Library. The periodicals are being bound in volumes with a view to providing research facility in future.

1.The College provides two Common Rooms for men and women students of the college for healthy recreation and mutual contact among the students There are provisions for some indoor games like Chess, Carom etc. for the use of the students in their leisure hours.

The affairs of the Common Rooms are managed by a committee consisting
(a) Principal,
(b) Four members of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal, who are in-charge of the Common Rooms.
(c) A student Secretary to be elected from among +3 students and an Asst. Secretary to be elected from among +2 students of the college.
(d) A Joint Secretary to be elected from among the women students of the college for Girls' Common Room.

The senior member of the committee will remain in-charge of accounts.
All meetings of the committee shall be presided over by the Principal or Senior member of the teaching staff. The meeting of the committee shall be convened by the Secretary with 48 hours notice to the members unless relaxed by the Principal on emergency. The quorum shall consist of at least one third of the strength of the committee in extra-ordinary meeting convened either by the Secretary, Officer-in-charge or by the Principal as the case may be.
The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Students' Common Rooms.

National Service Scheme was introduced in 1987 in this College. Now the College has three different units to function with the growing necessity of volunteer involvement for the upliftment and betterment of the society. N.S.S. has got its origin with the dazzling motto "Not me but you" with the active participation of the young mass in the interest of the Nation as well as of the community. N.S.S. wings aim at promoting the sense of civic consciousness and to inculcate a sense of social responsibility, discipline, dignity of labour, ideal citizenship among students.

At present, the N .S.S. wing runs with three different units. Two units for male and an additional unit exclusively for female volunteers. Each unit consists of 50 volunteers.

1. To work with and among the people.
2.To engage in non-violent and constructive social activities.
3.To enhance his/her knowledge of himself/herself and the community through a confrontation with reality.
4.To practise National Integration.
5.To gain skill in the exercise of democratic leadership.

Students who desire voluntarily to join N.S.S. are to apply in the prescribed application forms. Such applications should be submitted to the programme officer. Students with previous experience in Social Service are given special preference for selection. The volunteers will be supplied with work diary and badges after selection. Plans and projects are taken up periodically on Sundays, holidays and during the puja holidays, X-mas & summer vacation. Detailed information can be available from programme officers, N.S.S. units.

Youth Red Cross Society is organised for the purpose of incul­cating in the youth of the country, the ideals of peace and the practice of service, especially in relation to their own health and that of oth­ers. The YRC has been introduced in this College since 1990.

1) The promotion of health.
2) Service to the sick and the suffering.
3) International friendship.

Students who desire voluntarily to join Y.R.C. are to apply in plain paper. Such applications should be submitted to the officer-in­charge.

A lecture remaining in charge of Y.R.C. in nominated by the Principal and attends functions, seminars sponsored by Y.R.C.